Defining "Bonus Money" Feature

The Bonus Stacking feature enables customers to keep track of multiple bonus campaigns. This means that you can keep track of your active bonus campaigns, as well as the upcoming ones. A reload bonus can be considered as a bonus campaign.

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*The data used in the screenshot are indicative.

At the "Bonus Money" Section when you have an active Bonus campaign, you will be provided with clear information about:

-Status: There will be an indication if the offer is "Active" or "Up Next".

-Bonus Value: It is the amount credited from the offer.

-Unlock Remaining Requirements: It is the remaining amount you will need to bet in order to unlock your bonus and be able to place bets with bonus money. If this is a deposit bonus, the requirement will usually be your deposit, as it needs to be used first.

-Withdrawal Conditions: It is the amount you will need to bet in total in order to unlock your bonus, and complete the offer.

-Wagering Requirement: It represents your progress. It is the remaining amount, you will need to bet in order to release your bonus winnings into your main cash balance.

You will also be given a Cancellation Button. You will have the option to cancel your active bonus campaign if you wish to do so, but also reject a coming up relevant offer. This can be done by clicking on the cancellation button represented by a bin icon. After clicking on the bin icon, a pop-up window will provide more information and ask you to confirm or cancel the action.

The Bonus Stacking feature enhances the customer experience by allowing you to keep track of multiple bonus campaigns at once. It provides clear information about active campaigns, and you can easily cancel a campaign if needed.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team.

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