Password or personal information change

If you’d like to change your password, you can do so via the login page by clicking the “Forgot Password” button, upon which the password reset process will begin. Once you enter the requested information, you’ll receive an SMS to the mobile number you registered with, containing a code for resetting your password. 




If you’d like to update your account information, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Select the information you’d like to update, enter it into the respective field(s), and click Save. Here is a list of the following account information that you can change through this page in your account settings:
  • Email 
  • Mobile phone number 
  • Address 

In case you wish to change your mobile phone, there are 2 steps necessary for the change to be verified. First the system will ask you to verify your password, and then it will send you a 4-digit password to your already registered mobile number. The same applies when you wish to change your email, where after verifying your account's password, a 4-digit password will be sent to your verified mobile number.


Please ensure that the information that you enter is accurate, and in the event that you’d like to change/update other account details such as your name, gender, email address or telephone number, please contact our dedicated customer service team.


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