Defining Parlays

An Accumulator , often referred to as a combo bet, is a popular and exciting betting option that allows you to combine multiple selections into a single ticket. With the potential to include up to 20 selections, accumulators offer a unique opportunity to amplify your winnings if your predictions turn out to be correct.

How does it work?

When placing an accumulator  bet, you choose two or more individual selections from various sports events or games. These selections could include point spreads, moneylines, totals, or any other betting market available for the respective events. Once you've made your choices, all the selected picks are combined into a single ticket.

What's the catch?

While parlay bets offer the chance for substantial payouts, there's a critical condition attached to them. To win the accumulator , each one of your selections must be correct. Unlike individual bets, where you may still win some money if one of your predictions is right, accumulator bets require absolute accuracy across all chosen selections.

The potential for bigger wins!

The main allure of accumulator bets is their potential for significant returns. Since the odds for each selection are multiplied together, the more picks you include in your accumulator , the higher the potential payout. This means that even with a relatively small initial wager, a successful accumulator can yield impressive profits.

Keep an eye on the number of selections

It's important to be mindful of the number of selections you include in your accumulator . While larger accumulators offer greater rewards, they also increase the level of difficulty significantly. With each additional selection, the likelihood of winning decreases, making it more challenging to achieve success.

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