Bet Builder: A Powerful Way to Customize Your Bets

Bet Builder  is an innovative feature that empowers you to create personalized bets by combining various markets within the same game. Whether you want to enhance your excitement or strategize your wagers, Bet Builder  is here to cater to your preferences. With this amazing tool, you can mix and match different selections from a single match, all on one betslip!

How does Bet Builder  work?

The process of building your bet is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Select the event: Choose the game that piques your interest, and then activate the Same Game Parlay feature to access the available markets for combination.

2. Pick your markets: You have the freedom to pick a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 7 markets to create your personalized bet. These markets could include various aspects of the game, such as the match winner, over/under points, player-specific statistics, and more.

3. Add to your betslip: Once you've made your selections, they will be added to your betslip, forming your unique Same Game Parlay.

Unleash the possibilities!

Here is a great example of a Bet Builder:

Example 1 - Soccer:

⚽ Full-Time Result: Team A to win

⚽ Player to Score: Player X to score a goal

⚽ Over/Under Total Goals: Over 2.5 goals

Example 2 - Tennis:

🎾 Set Winner: Player Y to win the first set

Example 3 - Basketball:

🏀 Winner: Team B to win

🏀 Total Points: Over 200.5 points

🏀 Odd/Even: Total points scored to be an even number

*The data used in the screenshot are indicative.

The Bet Builder is one of the most thrilling betting options, giving you the option to bet on an accumulator  that lasts as long as the game you've bet on, resulting in an exciting ride!

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