Unsettled bet

If you believe that your bet has met the conditions and should already be settled, we kindly ask for a bit of patience, as our relevant department is working around the clock to settle bets, so it may take a moment longer for your bet to be settled. 

Here are some of the possible reasons your bet hasn't been settled yet:

Suspended Events

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances arise during an event that leads to its suspension. Weather conditions disrupting outdoor sports events, technical glitches, or other unexpected incidents can cause temporary interruptions. In such cases, bookmakers may suspend betting or the settlement of bets until the event resumes and the outcome becomes clear.

Pending Market Settlement

In certain cases, the bet might be considered "pending" due to market settlement procedures. Bookmakers need time to verify the accuracy of results and settle markets accordingly. This process involves verifying the outcome, checking for any irregularities, and ensuring fairness for all parties involved. This process shouldn't take longer than a few minutes at most, and in the event that a slight delay occurs, we kindly ask for your patience while we work on the settlement of your bet. 

Technical Issues

In the digital age, technical glitches can occasionally impact the resolution of bets. Online betting platforms may experience downtime or encounter technical issues that prevent the timely settlement of wagers. In such cases, bookmakers will need to resolve the technical problems before they can finalize the bets.

Disputes and Investigations

Disputes can arise for various reasons, including questionable or disputed outcomes, allegations of match-fixing, or discrepancies in the odds. When such issues occur, we may conduct thorough investigations to ensure the integrity of the betting process. This investigation can prolong the settlement process and keep the customer's bet open.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please check the bottom of the current page and contact us through the available means of your choice.

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