Understanding Bet Cancellations

There are instances when a bet may be cancelled for a range of reasons, ensuring a fair and transparent betting experience for all our users. We would like to shed light on the common factors that might lead to such cancellations:

  • Mistake in odds: Sometimes, due to human error or technical glitches, odds may be incorrectly set, prompting the cancellation of bets placed during that period.
  • Postponement or Cancellation of Events: When a scheduled event is postponed or cancelled for any reason, the associated bets are cancelled as well, as the conditions for the wager are no longer valid.
  • Technical Issues: Though rare, technical hiccups can occur, affecting the integrity of the betting process and necessitating the cancellation of certain bets.
  • Duplicate Bets: Placing the same bet multiple times by mistake can result in duplicate bets, leading to the cancellation of the extras.

Inability to Confirm Event Results: Occasionally, there may be delays or uncertainties in confirming the outcome of an event. Until the result is verified, related bets may be temporarily cancelled.

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