Watching a match/game in live streaming

Interested in watching a match livestream? Here's how you can!

1. Sufficient balance or settled bet: Make sure your account has a balance of at least ₦100  or that you have placed a settled bet within the last 24 hours.

2. Look for the screen icon: Any event with a screen icon will be available for Live Streaming.

3. Check the Live Calendar: For a comprehensive list of events available for Live Streaming, navigate to Live Betting > Choose any game > On the top left you will see the number of games currently live and underneath you can click on Live Schedule. You can also see only the live-streaming games, by activating the relevant filter.
live calendar.png

*The data used in the screenshot are indicative.

4. Find the Live Streaming screen: In the "Live Betting" section, locate the Live Streaming screen just above the betslip.

*The data used in the screenshot are indicative.

5. Select your preferred event: Use the dropdown list above the screen to choose the match or game you wish to watch.

*The data used in the screenshot are indicative.

6. Start Live Streaming: Click on the padlock icon to initiate Live Streaming for the selected match/game. As you browse through the "Live Betting" section, you can continue watching the stream.

7. Enlarge the screen: If you want a larger view, click on the arrows next to the padlock icon to expand the Live Streaming screen.

Is your desired match not available/offered for streaming? Here are some of the possible reasons! 

With these steps, you'll have easy access to Live Streaming and won't miss out on any exciting moments during the matches and games available on our platform. Enjoy the action from the comfort of your screen!

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