Time-specific markets explained

If you're interested in betting on specific time ranges in sports events, such as the "Result (1X2) Per Minute Range 15:00 - 29:59" market, we've got you covered! In these markets, your chosen team must secure a victory or score within the designated time frame, disregarding any prior or subsequent scores. For instance, if you pick Real Madrid in the "Result per minute range (15:00 - 29:59)" market, they need to outscore their opponents during the 15-minute period between 15:00 and 29:59, while the score at the beginning of this period remains 0-0.

Example Scenario:

Let's consider an example to better understand how this works. In a match between Real Madrid and Granada, if you wager on Real Madrid in the "Result per minute range (15:00 - 29:59)" market, your bet relies solely on Real Madrid's performance within the specified 15-minute timeframe. The match commences at 15:00 with a score of 0-0, and the action continues uninterrupted until 29:59. During this time, the only thing that matters is how many goals Real Madrid scores compared to their opponents. The scores from the rest of the match are not considered for this particular market.

Additional Markets:

Similar time-specific markets can be found in various sports. For instance, in basketball matches, you might encounter markets like "First/Second/Third/Fourth Quarter - Winner." Just like in the example above, these markets focus on a specific time frame within the game where the team you choose needs to outperform their opponents.

Accessing Betting Rules:

If you seek more detailed information about these markets or any other offerings we provide, you can find relevant guidelines in our "Betting Rules." You'll find these rules in the footer of our homepage, under paragraph 2.21.


When participating in time-specific markets like the "Result (1X2) Per Minute Range 15:00 - 29:59" market or similar ones, it's essential to focus solely on the specified time frame. Remember, the previous and subsequent scores do not affect the outcome of your bet in these markets. So, keep an eye on the clock and cheer for your chosen team to win within the given period! Happy betting!

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