Checking the time spent playing

In Betano, you can easily track the amount of time you've spent playing today by accessing the "History" section in your account. You can follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Betano account.

2. Navigate to the "My Account" section, typically located in the top right corner of the website or app.

3. Look for the options History ->Transactions. Click on them to view your gameplay history.

*The data used in this screenshot are indicative.

In the "History" section, you should be able to see a record of your playing activity, including the time spent on various games or betting activities today. The exact details shown in this section may include the duration of each session, the games or bets placed, and other relevant information related to your account activity.

You can also apply filters for the time period (up to 2 months), and the type of transactions you wish to check, in the top right corner of the History->Transactions section.

tr filters.png

If you have further questions or need assistance, please check the bottom of the current page and contact us through the available means of your choice. Remember, being aware of your gaming habits and spending time wisely is essential for responsible gambling.

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