The Screen Name importance

A screen name is used in Betano to provide users with a unique and anonymous identity. Here are some reasons why a screen name is needed:

  1. Privacy: Using a screen name allows users to maintain a level of privacy while interacting on the platform. It prevents the need to reveal their real names, which some users might prefer for security reasons.
    You can find more regarding our Privacy Policy, at the bottom of our page.
  2. Anonymity: Screen names create a sense of anonymity, which can encourage open communication and participation in various activities on the platform without the fear of being identified personally.
  3. Identity Protection: Having a screen name helps protect users from potential identity theft or unwanted attention from other users.
  4. Online Gaming and Betting: A screen name is used to identify players and their activities during online gaming and betting. It ensures that all players are treated fairly and anonymously during gameplay.
  5. Community Interaction: Users often engage in community discussions, forums, or chat rooms. A screen name provides a consistent identity for users to interact with others in these spaces.
  6. Branding: Some users might choose a screen name that reflects their interests or personality, which can become a form of personal branding on the platform.

It's essential to choose a screen name wisely and avoid using any personal information or sensitive details that could compromise your privacy or security. A good screen name is unique, memorable, and does not reveal any personally identifiable information.

You may also check our policy on changing your username here.

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