Deleting a Favourite (Competition and Sport)

Log in to your Betano account: Visit Betano website or open Betano mobile app and log in using your registered username and password.

Access your Favorites: Look for the section labeled as "Favorite Competitions". Click or tap on this section to view all the competitions and sports you have added to your Favorites list.

Find the Favorites you want to delete: Scroll through your Favorites list or use the search function to locate the competition or sport that you want to remove.

Remove from Favorites: Next to the competition or sport you want to delete, look for the "Remove from Favorites" button, showed as a trash bin icon. Click or tap on this icon to remove the competition or sport from your Favorites.

Updated Favorites list: Your Favorites list will be updated, and the competition or sport you removed will no longer appear in the list.




By following these steps, you can easily manage and customize your Favorites list in Betano, keeping it updated with the competitions and sports that interest you the most and removing any selections you no longer wish to keep in your Favorites.


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