Defining "Void" in Sports Betting

In Betano, the term "void" refers to the status of a bet or a betting event that is declared invalid or nullified. When a bet is marked as void, it means that the bet has been cancelled, and the stake is returned to the bettor.

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There are several reasons why a bet may be declared void:

Non-Participation: If a player, team, or participant does not take part in the event or match for any reason, the bets related to that participant or team may be declared void.

Postponed or Cancelled Events: If a scheduled event is postponed, cancelled, or abandoned for any reason, the bets on that event may be declared void.

Rule Violations: If there is any violation of the rules or regulations governing the event, and it affects the outcome, the bets may be declared void.

Technical Errors: In case of technical errors or issues that impact the integrity of the event or the accuracy of the odds, bets may be declared void.

Incorrect Odds: If there is a significant error in the odds offered for a specific outcome, the bets may be declared void.

Incomplete Events: If an event is not completed within a specified time frame, bets may be declared void.

When a bet is voided, it means that the bettor's stake is returned to their account, and the bet is treated as if it never happened. The voided bet will not be considered for settlement, and the potential winnings or losses from that bet are not included in the final calculation of the bettor's account balance.

You can check more details at "Voided and Postponed Events".

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