Defining "Push" in Blackjack: The Art of Tying and Retrieving Your Bet

In the dynamic world of blackjack, a term known as a "Push" comes into play when both the player and the dealer find themselves in a tie. This intriguing outcome occurs when the total value of the player's hand matches that of the dealer's hand. In the spirit of fairness, a "Push" results in the player's bet being returned, neither winning nor losing, and providing an opportunity for the next exhilarating round. Let's explore the concept of a "Push" in blackjack and how this intriguing event unfolds at the gaming table.

What is a "Push" in Blackjack?

A "Push" occurs when the total value of the player's hand is identical to the total value of the dealer's hand. When this happens, neither the player nor the dealer emerges as the clear winner. Instead, it results in a balanced tie, where both parties achieve the same hand value.

In the case of a "Push," the player's initial bet is returned to them without any additional winnings or losses. It's essentially a reset, allowing the player to start fresh in the next round.

When does a "Push" Happen?

A "Push" most commonly occurs when both the player and the dealer have the same total value of their hands. For example, if the player's hand has a total value of 17, and the dealer's hand also totals 17, it leads to a "Push."

Additionally, certain blackjack variants may have specific rules that result in a "Push" in unique situations. For instance, if the dealer and the player both have a blackjack (a total value of 21 with two cards), it can lead to a "Push" unless the game has specific rules for resolving this situation.

Implications of a "Push":

Experiencing a "Push" may not result in a financial loss for the player, but it does offer valuable insights into the dynamics of the game. It's an opportunity to reevaluate your strategy and make adjustments for subsequent rounds.

While a "Push" means that the player doesn't win on that particular hand, it also signifies that they don't lose their initial bet. It's an outcome that demonstrates the equilibrium between the player and the dealer, emphasizing the fairness of the game.


A "Push" in blackjack is an intriguing and balanced event where both the player and the dealer achieve an identical total value for their hands. In this unique situation, the player's initial bet is returned, neither resulting in a win nor a loss.

Experiencing a "Push" offers players a chance to reflect on their gaming approach and adapt their strategies for future rounds. Embrace the equilibrium of a "Push" as part of the captivating journey of blackjack, where each hand presents an opportunity for excitement, skilful decisions, and the quest for the ultimate blackjack triumph.

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