Defining the "Outside Bet" in Roulette

In the realm of roulette, the term "Outside Bets" pertains to wagers placed outside the central numbered grid on the roulette table. As the name suggests, these bets offer broader coverage, spanning larger groups of numbers, and they come with their unique payout ratios. Let's explore the different types of Outside Bets in roulette:

1. Column Bet: This 12-number bet encompasses an entire column of numbers on the betting layout. Players can choose to place their chips on one of the three columns. If the ball lands on any number within the selected column, the bet pays at 2 to 1, providing a moderate return on the wager.

2. Dozen Bet: Another 12-number bet, the Dozen Bet allows players to select from three groups of numbers: the first dozen (covering numbers 1-12), the second dozen (covering numbers 13-24), or the third dozen (covering numbers 25-36). When the ball lands on any number within the chosen dozen, the payout is also at 2 to 1, providing players with a balanced risk-reward ratio.

3. Colour Bet: This 18-number bet revolves around the colours on the roulette wheel - red or black. Players can wager on either all the red numbers or all the black numbers. If the ball lands on any number with the selected colour, the Colour Bet pays at 1 to 1, resulting in an even-money payout.

4. Even/Odd Bet: With this 18-number bet, players decide whether to wager on any even number or any odd number. If the ball lands on any number within the chosen category (even or odd), the Even/Odd Bet pays at 1 to 1, offering a fair and straightforward payout.

5. High/Low Bet: The High/Low Bet covers either the first set of 18 numbers (1-18) or the second set of 18 numbers (19-36). Similar to the previous Outside Bets, this wager pays at 1 to 1, presenting players with a balanced chance of winning.


Outside Bets in roulette provide players with a broader scope of potential winning numbers, offering various betting options that diversify the gameplay experience. These bets involve covering columns, dozens, colours, even/odd numbers, and ranges of numbers. Understanding the different types of Outside Bets allows players to make informed decisions and enjoy the thrill of roulette with varying levels of risk and reward. Whether you're a novice or an experienced player, exploring these diverse betting options can add excitement and strategic depth to your roulette adventures.

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