Account Closure vs Deletion

Account Closure

When an account is closed through means of self-exclusion, at your request, or by other means, your access to your account will be blocked, and you will be unable to access your account.

If your account has been temporarily closed, and you would like to inquire about the time remaining before your account is accessible, you can contact our customer support team here.

Please note that in the event of account closure due to self-exclusion, your account will remain inaccessible until the self-exclusion time period that you have enabled expires.

You can close your account in 2 different ways:

1. You may visit My Account >Profile > Player Protection. We provide the options "Take a break" and "Self-Exclusion".

2. You can request it via the email you’ve registered with our customer support team’s email address, Take note that this option is irreversible, and it is forever.

Account Deletion

Account deletion happens at your request. In the event that you would not only like your account to be closed but also for any and all of your data to be removed, you’ll have to place an official request for account closure (with one of the above provided option) and data deletion to via the email you’ve registered with to our relevant team’s email address,

If you have further questions or need assistance, please check the bottom of the current page and contact us through the available means of your choice.

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