Changing my username

We understand that you might want to update your username for various reasons, but unfortunately, changing your username is not possible within our system. Once you have chosen a username during the account creation process, it becomes a permanent identifier linked to your account.

Why Can't I Change My Username?

Ensuring the security and integrity of our user accounts is our top priority. By maintaining a fixed username, we can protect your account from potential unauthorized access and provide a consistent experience across all our platforms.

Considerations for Choosing Your Username

When creating your account, we recommend choosing a username that you will be comfortable using for the long term. Your username should be unique, easily recognizable, and memorable to you. Additionally, avoid including sensitive information or personal details in your username for added security.

Other Account Details

While you cannot change your username, we understand that certain personal details may change over time. You can easily update other account information, such as your email address, phone number, or address. 

If you have further questions or need assistance, please check the bottom of the current page and contact us through the available means of your choice.


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